01 December 2015

"Ask Pastor Know It All"

First, I should say why this blog has been dormant for a year.

The answer is that whatever I had to say was being said elsewhere and better.  My career as a public intellectual came to an end, outnumbered by lesser louder voices and out-thought by greater brighter minds.

Then, someone asked me why I had stopped and, having said these things, she still expressed hope that I would resume.  That set me to thinking, a dangerous sport in these thoughtless times.  While I have no urge to opine on what seem to me obvious things to a small and already convinced cadre (that would be you dear readers) I have a desire to help those who ask for it.  Not once in all my days have I persuaded anyone who did not already wish to change.  At best I have helped people make up their minds when asked.

I am a pastoral theologian, not an apologetic one.  Those are technical terms in theological schools. Pastoral theology is about the 'cure of souls,' and its tool is the spiritual talking cure for those whose acedia has grown burdensome.  It is in response to a need expressed by someone.  Apologetic theology is addressed 'to whom it may concern,' an audience undefined and unknown. It seeks to persuade without being asked, to convert.

This became evident as I lost interest in the blog as a platform and became more invested in a newspaper panel I share on matters of ethics and religion.  You can sample that here, though I am not in every issue.  Similarly, I enjoy my radio program Faith & Reason more when I am talking to someone not just talking into the air.

As one ages, it is best to focus on one's strengths rather than labor over one's weaknesses.  Therefore, this blog will now be entirely devoted to answering your questions - matters of religious fact and fancy, questions of doctrine and dogma, riddles ethical and moral, struggles spiritual and personal.  Your questions will be my subjects.

To send a question you may add a comment here, or tweet me @fred_wooden or via Facebook.  Please tell me if you wish to remain anonymous, or any other restrictions.  I may wish to contact you beforehand to make sure I am clear.

There is already one question, which I will address in a day or so.  But it seemed fair to let you know what was up ahead of time.  Feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts.  Thanks for reading!

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