03 November 2013

So... how the heck are ya!

Another long lapse, friend.  Sorry about that.  Partly it was a pilgrim journey to Spain, yes to Santiago.  If you want, I will post photos and make insightful comments.  What I want to do this time, though, is tell you if I have not already that my twitter feed is now dedicated to nagging people about gun violence. 

Unless unable, as I often was overseas, I try to post a link to a gun death every day. This is as much for me as for you.  When I found out that the number of domestic gun deaths in America since RFK died exceeded all the war dead from all the wars it made me ask, "is this necessary?"  But rather than propose an answer, I took the advice of the gospel (the parable of the unjust judge comes to mind) and decided the way to get action was not to promote my answer but to demand that the question be heard.  Only by nagging, repeating constantly, refusing to shut up about it, will those who are supposed to have answers be motivated to find one.

Up until now the single-mindedness of the gun industry has been the only consistent and constant voice.  Perhaps there needs to be another voice that points at our level of gun violence (virtually unequalled in the 'developed world') and says, "We can do better!" 

Finding the answers is not our job as the public, but deciding which questions need to be answered is.  I invite you to follow me at @fred_woodenYou will get a sad reminder most every day.  Read it.  And if you also retweet it or repost it, who knows that eventually a few thousand nagging citizens might give some backbone to those who need it. 

No wisdom or insight, not even a comforting word.  Just a nagging knock on your moral door.  Step by step, drop by drop, knock by knock.