22 January 2012

Your Heard It Here First…

Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary - NYTimes.com 

Did you read what I wrote yesterday? 

I feel like the cartoon guy in a long robe and beard holding a sign. 

20 January 2012

How Time Flies


So, it’s been a busy time all right.  That and my New Year’s Resolution to keep a diary has taken up some of that time.  Still, I owe you some thoughts from time to time, and how could I resist this: Newt Gingrich slams John King for question on ex-wife (2:01) - The Washington Post

You already heard about it, of course, but did it strike you as weird that the truly despicable fellow got an ovation for calling the reporter despicable?  I know that ‘the best defense is a good offence,’ but this was breathtaking.  It ranks up there with the fabled definition of ‘chutzpah’ as killing your parents and asking for mercy because you’re an orphan. 

Some years back an acquaintance recommended a book, “The Sociopath Next Door.”  I think Newt is a sociopath.  He is intelligent, focused, passionate and other interesting things.  But people are merely means to ends, tools to be used, perhaps toys to be enjoyed.  (See Kant’s Second Formulation)

When it comes to caring about something, he is the only one in that universe.  In some ways, now that I think about it, that may make him the incarnation of American conservatism. 

04 January 2012

'We're going to take back America' -

Isn’t that we are always hearing?  Ok, not always, but often enough to be recognizable.  According to the the Dubuque Telegraph Herald the razor thin victor, Gov. Mitt Romney: says 'We're going to take back America.’

From whom or what? 

The current president is whom, and by extension all those who voted for him.  Romney’s words, but not only his, essentially say I stole America, and all my fellow unamerican americans.  When Romney says he and his should ‘take back America’ he means my politics are illegitimate. I and mine are bad, he and his are good.

I have heard that sentiment from lots of the candidates.  It seems a very common notion out there in Republican land.  But if you Google ‘take back America,’ you get as many left wing as right wing sites.  So this is not a one sided phrase. 

Lots of people think other people have stolen the country.  What is bothering me is that the logical consequence of saying this is to declare that folks who disagree with you are not your fellow citizens at all.  This phrase is semantically equivalent to saying, “I am a true American, and you are not.” 

Why doesn’t anyone question this language and its implications?  Yes, I know about rousing the base and all that, but at what cost?  Must we demonize the other party to win elections? 

And we wonder why we are so polarized.