07 July 2012

It's That Simple

So in today's NY Times you can find this little gossipy nugget.

The Republicans’ $3 Million Weekend in the Hamptons

For those who lament that 'we have the best government money can buy' this is but the latest evidence. 

Of course the ultimate proof will come in November.  Complain about "Citizens United" all day, the truly best way to end the influence of money in politics is to elect the ones who did not spend the most money.  If spending a lot buys you nothing, why spend it next time? 

Yep, the salvation of democracy is not the Supreme Court, or the Constitution, but the thing that made them both -  We The People.

I know that sounds naive and simplistic.  It also happens to be true.  To paraphrase a popular and misquoted aphorism, "Te only necessary for the triumph of money over the people is for people to do what the money tells them to do."

Time to go to bed. 

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