09 June 2012

I Told You So…

Sometime ago, a couple of years at least, I used this auspicious banner to suggest that lawyers ought to donate a portion of their professional time to public legal service (pro bono as they like to say, showing off their knowledge of Latin – meaning an assortment of phrases unique to legal jargon but don’t expect them to translate the Aeniad). 

It turns out that the chief judge of New York State said something very like that on May 1, as referenced in this article - Better Pro Bono Plan - NY Times.com

Now, far be it for me to boast, but it also turns out a new book by the former president of Dartmouth College (!) argues, as have I for years, for a national service program. 

Do the math, ok?  I anticipated both the chief judge of New York and an Ivy League College president. Of course, I could also say I guessed the winner of every presidential election since 1968 (often to my dismay) a month in advance but there is no objective evidence for that.  So look back in the growing record and see what’s coming.  And when it happens, tell them you read it here first.

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