24 June 2012

All Thumbs

Well, I am on the road and reduced to using my iPad, which while being better than a smart phone for typing us still not a full sized keyboard. Add in my four finger typing style, big fingers, and you get a very slow and imprecise typist.

But I am not actually writing about typing. I am writing about change. Real change, the sort than changes the game not just the score, takes a very long time. I can also be imprecise. This morning I saw an old news report from 1973 on Gay Liberation. Forty years have passed, and the struggle is not won. Yes, progress has happened, but every step forward has been resisted, and in some ways the more progress gay folk make the more intense the resistance from some. We could say the same about race, which is far better than it was a century ago but still is a major force in our society.

And if it is taking an excuciatingly long time it is because these are game change movements. They make the whole show different, for everyone, and that means those who prefer the game as it is must redouble their resistance because such changes seem to them not game changers but game enders.

What is hard for those working for change is to see that change always takes a very long time because everyone is involved. Those who do not want change have to resist. We all would, and have, and will. Seeing the resistance of others is part of the process of change, it is hard, and seeing it as inevitable is essential. Those who seek change should expect resistance, honor it, and yet continue.

It's a bit like childbirth. It takes a long time, involves pain and uncertainty, and no baby ever cooperated with the process. But the result is good for everyone in the end. Mothers know that, even if babies don't.

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