20 April 2012

Helluva Way to Return


Yes, it has been a while.  Not that there has been a lot of time on my hands.  But I ran into this debate on the NYTImes, promoted by the Prostitution scandal in the Secret Service, and it made me think. I like that. 

Read this first.  I’ll wait.  Is Legalized Prostitution Safer? - Room for Debate - NYTimes.com.  Meanwhile, for your listening pleasure…

So what do you think?  As I ponder it all, and strange as it may sound at first, I see resemblances both to our struggles over illegal drugs and legal abortion. 

Like drugs, no matter how much we make it illegal it still goes on.  And also like drugs, the folks who pay the price are the least responsible for the mess.  The current circumstances are worse than useless.  They cause additional harm.

Like abortion, the matter is profoundly shaped by gender inequity.  We hold women responsible for prostitution (the word itself is about the provider!) the way we blame women for getting pregnant unintentionally, as though they alone were the cause and effect.

The debate in the Times tells us there is no simple answer, just as there is no simple answer to the struggles we have about drugs and abortion.  But things could be better than they are.  I’ll take that while we work on perfect.

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