16 March 2012

“You’re Making That UP!”


Long ago, in a lifetime far away, I was a seminary student one Passover, and was at a seder table with some expat Jews and their friends.  It was a thoroughly treyf affair, but in good faith as it were.  We read the story and all that, ate out karpas and charoseth and matzah.  We even tried some of the festive songs, especially “Dayenu.” This is a zipper song, the kind you insert new words each verse and sing the same chorus.  Lots of fun.  Listen for yourself. 

But the tune only works if you sing it in Hebrew. I, who had been to several seders before and had a Haggadah or two in my home, knew it.  So when I started the second verse I found myself singing alone, silenced by the wife of the dean who merrily shouted,

“You’re Making That Up!”

This past week or so the clamoring clowns of Republican righteousness were apparently doing just that. 

Start with this one: Rick Santorum wants to ban hard-core pornography | The Ticket - Yahoo! News.  As unsavory as the porn industry is, the last time I looked it was mostly legal.  Decrying that, and he does, will not make it illegal. Nor would being president give him that authority, notwithstanding his clear moral superiority.  He is making it up.  Maybe it is craven which is sordid.  Maybe it is his honest belief, which is chilling.  But he is making it up.

A few days before another candidate said that as president he would lower gasoline prices to $2.50 a gallon.  Everyone but him, though, seems to think this is impossible.  What makes this really silly is that he and others apparently see no conflict about championing small government and also presidential power to control prices.  By the way, if you want really cheap gas, you can get it in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Cuba.  And the cheapest gasoline can be found…

… In Venezuela! 

The front runner, meanwhile, has more than once told people we are ”inches” away from socialism.  Our friends at Politifact have twice called this a “pants-on-fire” statement.

For this unreconstructed boy scout, lying is bad.  Lying for the purpose of gaining advantage is especially bad.  Why is a lonesome old preacher so lonesome when it comes to saying so?

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