24 March 2012

What Will You Wear To Church Tomorrow?

I will follow the lead of the notorious rabble rousing demagogue… 

Marian Wright Edelman.  Yes, that’s her on the left, and you can find out why she is dressed that way by reading her words at Child Watch® Column: "Walking While Black"

I’ll be wearing my black hoodie tomorrow, even though a suit would be be appropriate.  But since it would be even more appropriate for Tayvon Martin to be alive, I will be sacrifice my ‘dignity’ for a day because he was forced to sacrifice his forever.

This is what social responsibility is – making visible the costs of injustice, and then taking responsibility for keeping it visible.  I ask those in the church I lead and those in the GR Urban League I chair, and those in the communities in which I live to do the same.  Make injustice visible, until those who can ignore it cannot.  That’s when change happens. 

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