21 March 2012

A Brutal Answer to a Brutal Law

Ok, here is what happened.

Zimmerman was patrolling the neighborhood, looking for suspicious characters. He saw someone that was unknown to him. He told authorities what he was doing. He interceded. Martin then perceived a threat. Zimmerman interpreted Martin as evading him, as a criminal would evade authority, and thus pursued him. When confronted by Zimmerman, Martin rationally perceived himself to be under attack. Then Zimmerman, facing resistance, now perceived himself to be under threat. He fired his weapon in response to that perceived threat.

Zimmerman made four bad judgments, and someone died because of them. What makes this a national travesty is that because of the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law, Zimmerman is likely immune from prosecution. (As Justice Department investigates shooting of Florida teen, doubts arise about federal charges - The Washington Post)  All he has to do is show that he felt he was in danger. How he came to feel that way is irrelevant.

“Stand Your Ground” is license to kill. Two people get into an argument. One punches the other, the second kills the first. He felt threatened. Here in Michigan a man back-ended someone else two blocks from me. They owners argued. The sister of one of them felt frightened and shot the first fellow. In Florida she would be immune from prosecution, feeling her brother threatened. Neither she nor anyone else needs to see a gun or a weapon. They need only feel threatened. And in this case all were the same ethnicity.

“Stand Your Ground” is license to kill. With more concealed carry laws, we all have reason to suspect the other person is armed. In ”Stand Your Ground” states, every argument, car accident, bar fight, or evasive stranger on the street can become a threat, and it will be legal to end it with lethal violence, so long as one felt threatened.

“Stand our Ground” is license to kill. And no sane person, knowing this, will put him or herself at a disadvantage. If we happen to male and black, we will absolutely need guns because it is obvious that being male and black is itself a threat.

“Stand Your Ground” is license to kill. Therefore I call upon people to do two things: Repeal these laws as a clear and present danger to the public. And until they are repealed, that we arm every black man and boy in America. I propose that each state pass a “Safe Black Male” law that will issue a hand gun to every black man over the age of twelve until their “Stand our Ground” law is repealed.

And to make that more than symbolic, I propose that the Nation of Islam provide such guns until those laws are passed, and that people like me contribute money to make it possible.  Tragically, the only way to make black men safe is to arm them.  What a sick country. 

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