11 February 2012

Public Reality Radio :: Faith and Reason

I am not quite as shameless at self promotion as some, and probably need to do more.  Bill Freeman and I host a weekly call-in radio program which you can find here:

Public Reality Radio :: Faith and Reason

Two hours of largely, ok mostly, unscripted stuff from the loop left and and other fun regions of faith and politics.  It happens most Fridays at 10am Eastern Time (yes we are still in the eastern time zone here.)  Even on Fridays we are not live, we are rebroadcast and if you clicked on the link above you know you can listen online, through your computer.  Heck, WPRR 1680 also has an Iphone app.  You can listen there too.

Why?  I hear people moaning about all the conservative media attention, and yes there is Rachel and Keith and Bill and even Jon, but none of them let you be part of the show. 

Except us. 

You want Occupy Radio?  We got it.  Or better, “You are it.”  Our best times are provided by listeners who ask questions, provoke us, or just want some answers. 

images“Mr. Know It All” (the Bullwinkle character not the Kelly Clarkson song) would be me, and I have clarified all sorts of questions theological and historical. 

Mad Max (that would be Bill) love to play the flame thrower which has me saying “Well, imagesCAXKHVYLwhat Bill is trying to say is…”  

Worth dropping in.  Should I send you a reminder?


Laura Lee said...

I was unable to find an e-mail address for you on the radio program's web page or this blog so I hope it will be OK to post here in the comments. I wonder if you ever have guests on your program? I am a Michigan author and I will be in the Grand Rapids area next month to take part in a book club discussion at the Plymouth Book Club of my novel Angel which deals with the role of LGBT people in the church. It seemed as though the topic and your program's focus might be a good fit. I can be reached at lauralee@speechwriting.com if the idea sparks interest.

UUFreespirit said...

Fred, whenever I think of it I am now posting the link to the radio show at my "UU - Faith of the Free" Facebook page. Hopefully others there will join me in listening online.

Ron Stevens
Summerville, SC