20 January 2012

How Time Flies


So, it’s been a busy time all right.  That and my New Year’s Resolution to keep a diary has taken up some of that time.  Still, I owe you some thoughts from time to time, and how could I resist this: Newt Gingrich slams John King for question on ex-wife (2:01) - The Washington Post

You already heard about it, of course, but did it strike you as weird that the truly despicable fellow got an ovation for calling the reporter despicable?  I know that ‘the best defense is a good offence,’ but this was breathtaking.  It ranks up there with the fabled definition of ‘chutzpah’ as killing your parents and asking for mercy because you’re an orphan. 

Some years back an acquaintance recommended a book, “The Sociopath Next Door.”  I think Newt is a sociopath.  He is intelligent, focused, passionate and other interesting things.  But people are merely means to ends, tools to be used, perhaps toys to be enjoyed.  (See Kant’s Second Formulation)

When it comes to caring about something, he is the only one in that universe.  In some ways, now that I think about it, that may make him the incarnation of American conservatism. 

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