04 January 2012

'We're going to take back America' -

Isn’t that we are always hearing?  Ok, not always, but often enough to be recognizable.  According to the the Dubuque Telegraph Herald the razor thin victor, Gov. Mitt Romney: says 'We're going to take back America.’

From whom or what? 

The current president is whom, and by extension all those who voted for him.  Romney’s words, but not only his, essentially say I stole America, and all my fellow unamerican americans.  When Romney says he and his should ‘take back America’ he means my politics are illegitimate. I and mine are bad, he and his are good.

I have heard that sentiment from lots of the candidates.  It seems a very common notion out there in Republican land.  But if you Google ‘take back America,’ you get as many left wing as right wing sites.  So this is not a one sided phrase. 

Lots of people think other people have stolen the country.  What is bothering me is that the logical consequence of saying this is to declare that folks who disagree with you are not your fellow citizens at all.  This phrase is semantically equivalent to saying, “I am a true American, and you are not.” 

Why doesn’t anyone question this language and its implications?  Yes, I know about rousing the base and all that, but at what cost?  Must we demonize the other party to win elections? 

And we wonder why we are so polarized. 


Bill Baar said...

President Obama's Take Back America Speech was one of his most famous http://obamaspeeches.com/077-Take-Back-America-Obama-Speech.htm

I think Mitt's just turning it back on him a bit.

John M. Barricklow said...

I for one agree with the intimated accusation... If you voted democrat, your politics are illigitimate! Do you really think God is going to give the current gang of unscripturally-minded democrats the wisdom to guide a nation of 300+ million people when they are the ones responsible for throwing Him out of our schools, instituting nation-wide baby murders and using my taxes to pay for it, AND pushing through legislation that legitimizes sodomites and their anti God agenda against our Christian culture?!?! I got wise back in 1980 and withdrew my support of any democrat who approved of abortion. That is a very SOLID litmus test of how far the democrats have drifted away from our Christian heritage. We once were the shining city on the hill, for all the world to see. Now we are just as corrupt as any other nation. I believe democrats are largely responsible for that. Republicans have not been the heroes riding to the rescue morally either. The last time around, I voted for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. I am not a one-issue voter. But the morally corrupt democrat party makes it easy for me to know who to avoid voting for. Murderers and sodomites will NEVER get my vote. Obviously they do not know the Mind and Heart of their Creator!!!

Elisa said...

Just picture the Sistine Chapel-- what's the most famous image? Anything that doesn't fit that image of white hetero male supremacy is "other." It's the First Photo in the Bible. So, you're not really surprised by "Take Back.... Anything," are you? Anything, anyone outside the First Photo is less than, other than, outside of what is real and legitimate. Tell me, Dear Rev., with what will we replace that First Photo? Too many of us are still infantile picture book readers, and I use the word "reader" in jest. We're "lookers," sitting on the lap of a beautiful green and breathing planet, having that same picture book read to us, over and over and over again. We are devoted to that story, just as my daughter was devoted to The Berenstain Bears picture books.

I don't mind if anyone is devoted to the First Photo, mind you. Just don't ask me to keep it in my Album. That's the difference between Dictators and Democrats, isn't it? What photos do you have in your album, Rev.? Let's make an online Album of First Photos that are anything but the Sistine Chapel. How about it?

Bill Baar said...

I don't know much about Sodomites or the Sistine Chapel, but the motto of the Chicago Regular Democratic Organization, including President Obama's 8th Ward (Emil Jones Committeeman) as always been per Mike Royko "Ubi Est Mea -- Where's Mine?"

Obama's use of the "Take Back" frame was always novel, because the usual frame is not let any of the boodle go in the first place.

Anonymous said...

How does He feel about 'hidden' sexual sins/perversions? Point a finger and you have more pointing back at you.