30 December 2011

So THIS is what I have

Sciatica is the name, and I was not sure until I started having radiating pain to my foot. Remember how I mentioned a back ache? Well, that is gone now, but before that I had a groin pull and now I think the result of that groin pain was sciatica. You can find out about it from the folks at Mayo. Go to Sciatica - MayoClinic.com

The good news is that I can do most everything. The bad news is that pain killers are little help. About the only time I have no pain at all is lying down. Having been a gym rat for so many years, a modicum of daily pain is normal for me. What I dislike is that it takes a moment or two in the morning (or after extended sitting) to get going again.

Of course, it did not help that I decided to jog a lap or two on Tuesday. Because I slightly favor my right side (where the pain is) I landed poorly on my left foot and felt a jolt to the Achilles tendon. That means I hobble on both legs in early the morning. What a picture that is, I can assure you. Walter Brennan had nothing on me. (He had a distinct walk associated with his grampa McCoy character, in case you don’t get the reference.)

I read that unless the pain is debilitating it will likely go away over time. I have endured sore elbows and strained rotator cuffs before, so this is not news. But it is annoying, so if you have any suggestions about how to hasten my healing let me know.

Yoga? Massage? Acupuncture? All three? If this takes a while one or more could be in my future.

What really nags at me, though, is wondering what I injure next. Wanna start a pool?

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Sherron said...

I had some sciatica trouble, not sounding as painful as yours, but a simple change helped. Whenever I lay down, and to a certain extent when I sat, I made sure that the painful leg was lower than the other one. So, lying in bed on side, always had the painful knee below the other one. The trick to this is remembering to do it while you're asleep! Meantime, I'd agree with massage and a kind of yoga that involves stretching.
Good luck!