15 October 2011

Becoming the Bogeyman

As you can tell by reading Around the World, Protests Against Economic Policies - NYTimes.com, a few million people are a little annoyed.

I spent time last Saturday and this with our local Occupy outpost. They are far from the size or shape or impact of the Wall Street bunch, but the assortment ranges from Young Adults who can’t get decent work to Seniors who see their retirement dissolving, to aging denizens of the 1960’s, and those who just cannot shake the sense that the status quo is just wrong.

While it is loose and shaggy and anything but coherent in form, it is not what some of those on Wall Street think. There is an article about what the bankers and such are saying when no one is taking names.. Click on the photo (I hope).

For a lot of years you could call someone a socialist or communist and that would scare others and them. I think that may be changing. The disparity of wealth and power, and the arrogance of those on the powerful side (note how one of those quoted in the article chided senators for not listening to their ‘constituents’ meaning contributors) may make the label socialist or communist less odious than capitalist.

Some years ago, the late John Rechy reported on a bunch of homophobes who decided to scare some gay men by riding by calling them F**s and Queers. It was after Stonewall though. The men looked back and sneered, “Yeah’ we’re queers. So what?”

If things keep going the way they are, the bankers and their followers may one day find out that socialist and communist are no longer scary names. “Yeah we’re commies. So what?” And that, rich friends, will really be scary.

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