09 September 2011

Already Tired…

… of the September 11 coverage that is.  Mostly because all they show is imager of the burning towers, the smoldering pentagon, the collapse, the fire, etc.

This both numbs me and nauseates me.  So I sent the national news networks the following message.  I doubt it will have an effect. 


Instead of showing footage of burning towers and pentagons over and over, why not show pictures of those who perished? Not only is watching them all the time unnecessary, it sends the implicit message that the attack is more important than those who died in it.

(Rev.) Fred Wooden
Fountain Street Church,
Grand Rapids MI”

Just a thought. 


Robin Edgar said...

Well said Fred,

I did not realize until quite recently that you were so close to "Ground Zero" at the time the attacks took place.

I can understand how the repetitive playing of such images could be outright traumatizing to you, as this blog post suggests.


Robin Edgar

WFW said...

Not traumatizing Edgar. Infuriating. September 11 was monentous and dreadful, but it did not redefine my life and it should not redefine the world. The coverage, though, tries to do exactly that, define me, define others, define the nation, define the world. We cannot decide what tragedies will befall us, but we can and should decide how they will affect us. In my opinion, replaying the moment freezes us there, preventing us from living with it by forcing us to relive it.

Sara Aprea-Alcoff said...

I share your sense of nausea over the 911 coverage Fred. It's been figurative but also literal for me. After seeing a few minutes of terror alert news at the doctor's office yesterday, I got a terrible migraine with nausea. I wish I could go numb, but I can't these images feel like 911 was just today. Let us be strong and confident that we have grown a lot in these ten years. Love, Maria Sara