25 August 2011


So I was interviewed today by a local TV station for a 9/11 retrospective.  I actually pitched the story and got three good bites.  Locals can watch the news tomorrow evening, Friday Aug 26.  Tell me what you think.

Because I am not watching.  I am having a little pity party this evening because I was not happy with my interview.  Nothing embarrassing or bad, just not good enough. 

I thought I was pretty good at words – speaking and writing.  Of late, however, I am far less certain.  Written sermons from months back look pretty lame, and judging by my blog readership (check those stats lately?) I lack the zip or snazz or eloquence that makes for major readership. 

What’s really missing is the great phrase, that satisfying burst of words that really captures something.  I see them all the time while reading others in magazines and books (who are published after all, which only proves how ham handed my writing is, right?)

My grownup self knows that this is a common writer/preacher goblin.  And it also knows that eloquence is a false god in the end.  But right now I am willing to sacrifice something to propitiate it  (animal, vegetable, mineral?) on the chance that it might exist and is po’d at me for some reason.


Rob Kirkbride said...

It is not the number of people that read what you write, it is the people that are moved by your words. Your words have inspired me greatly. Still, as a writer, I can certainly relate. Whenever I get into a writing funk, I read more. Great writers are avid readers. Know that you are creating change through your powerful words.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well said Rob. And that is something that the blog stats cannot tell you, Fred. Often is not even the words, it is the act. The preacher is more than the sermon, more than the blog and surely more than the tv interview. What you put together for the 9/11 Memorial Concert had so much heart and beauty.