14 July 2011

Yes, I Am Avoiding Politics

Dear Reader,

When you have Southern Jewish Republicans channeling Ayn Rand, and cheesecake Minnesota conservatives telling us that gay folk are slaves, how can I not write about it?

Not because I have something to say but because all this stuff makes my brain crazy and writing is how I sort it out. But this week, with fanatics telling us defaulting is better than closing tax loopholes for private jets, nothing makes sense. So forgive me if take some literary Xanax and talk about my garden.

Yes, the lazy gardener is back. We have two really lovely days this week, so the spouse and I went 'a weeding.'

I love weeding. All my destructive urges can be healthily channeled this way. Grabbing things and uprooting them has a strangely satisfying aspect. If you do it just right the whole thing, roots and all, comes up.

Of course, a few hours if weeding is futile when you remember the plants grow 24/7. At best this is an aesthetic conceit, imposing my puny notions of order and beauty very temporarily on a tiny postage stamp hunk of dirt. When faced honestly, gardening is no different than when we played dress-ups. We pretend to be more powerful than we are and the true powers that be let us believe it for a while.

This year my hubris includes some snap peas (one little pod hangs there today, barely an inch long.) The basil is flourishing, in fact we had to snip off the flowers to keep it from going to seed. The parsley did get ahead, with its wee goldenrod like flowers shooting up. But our pumpkin (not my idea, please note) is in bloom. If we only have the blossoms it will be good enough. My asparagus, though will soon need thinning. If I love weeding, I loathe thinning.

Meanwhile along the fence, which gets better sun, the tomatoes are hard at work. Cleome is blooming (spousal favorite) and the mint loves to smell up the place.

Out in front, which is shaded by a magnificent maple (not a sugar maple though) I have stella d'oro (pronounced here in the heartland as 'dee oro.' sigh) that are struggling to bloom. My 4 foot tall diversity pole is the most colorful thing out front.

Remembering that the earth wins helps calm the fervid brain. But the heart still rouses at the cruel consistencies of those in power. Shall I garden more? Blog more? Talk to me, people.


Revwilly said...

Who was it who actually said that defaulting is better than closing tax loopholes?

Elisa (Nudelman) Winter said...

Make decaf iced tea before any other decisions. Hope you're growing peppermint, not spearmint (which smells like furniture polish to me). Boil a gallon of water. Take pot off the heat. Toss in about 15 Lipton decaf tea bags. Snip two long branches of peppermint, scrunch up a bit in your hands and toss into pot. Slice a whole lemon. Toss into the pot. Add about a cup or two of sugar. Stir a bit. Stir some more as it cools. Let sit on the stove until completely cool. Put a lid on and store in the fridge until completely cold. Pour 1/2 gallon in one container, and other 1/2 in another container. Add some bottled lemon juice and sugar to taste. Take out the tea bags, leave the mint twigs and lemon slices. Pour over a tall glass of ice. Sit, sip, watch weeds grow. Happy summer, Rev. WFW!