10 July 2011

In Case You Want To Know

Dear Reader,

I managed to get a few things done yesterday. Weeded and watered for about half the morning. Wrote the blog post of course. Finished organizing a Sunday by Sunday worksheet for the coming worship season. Sorted and tossed out a whole lot of old magazines and newspapers. Oh, I also found some worn clothes to get rid of.

All in all, not a bad day.

Today I was less efficient. Summer is when this preacher can go to church, so I went down to a radical Lutheran church, meaning a congregation that sold its building and relocated to our local skid row. They found a mission to the homeless and poor and decided it was better to spend their money on mission than bricks and mortar.

But by the time I walked down I saw pastor Jay meeting folks on the street, telling them the power was out. "So preach on the corner," I said. But he demurred. Being nearly 10 by then, and not wanting to skip both shul and church in one weekend, I headed up to the prominent Presbyterian church which was well populated. Colleague spoke well of prayer, finely formed and well delivered. Trifle envious, but not of his collar and robe in the hot room.

I did drop by my own church as it ended, and chatted with the crowd. Back home I started the next stage in my worship calendar. This will take longer than the first part. I'll describe it sometime. Then I went to make a call on someone in a hospice. What a great concept, hospice. I can see the good they do in the calm they give both resident and family,

Sounding like Samuel Pepys now, who chronicled his life on a daily basis in mid 17th century London. Early 21st century Grand Rapids is not quite as vivid though.

Now another blog post.

Almost forgot something. I am organizing a memorial concert for September 11, something not religious or patriotic but simply human. A wonderful choral director has said yes, which means she and a great choir will be there. Add my own choir, a great contralto, a quality string quartet playing Barber, and today a first class blues artist and this might just happen.

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