13 May 2011


Dear Reader,

Spring is so swift. For a month we had colder and wetter days than normal, as I have noted. It finally ended last week and in just that much time the daffodils came and went, my asparagus came (and went) and now the flowering treees have come are almost gone.

The tulip tree is almost empty, its blossoms now smeary and slippery on my driveway. Thankfully, the flowering crab is still there, but a patina of petals lies on the ground. How long will the semblance of the tree in blossom last? A day or two more, but that is all.

This morning (having had to wait to post this becaue of a Blogger glitch) March returned like a climatic Freddy Kreuger who refuses to die. Cold hard rain has denuded the crab of its last blossoms and made a mush of the petals that my tires squished over onn the way to church.

Sakura is a famous Japanese song, almost a cliche, meaning cherry blossom. To savor the sakura is a custom dating to the 8th century in Japan. It embodies mono no aware, the 'ahness' of things, because they are are so beautiful and come and go so quickly. Mono no aware means that brief, almost unbearable, moment of insight into reality. By the time you notice the moment, it is gone. All you can do is day "ah!"

Or squish.

Like life.

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