22 May 2011


Dear Reader,

The lazy gardener is at it again. Only this time I had to work hard. You see, in this instance, the lazy part was husbandry. I am married, right? And my spouse of nearly 35 years said we had to remove the upper layer of soil in our veggie patch and replace it with new soil.

I was not convinced of this course, but could not mount an argument to convince her either. While it seemed to me a whole lot of work to replace all that dirt and thus the antithesis of 'lazy,' the effort it would take to persuade her (and myself honestly) was even greater. The lazier option was to hail about 400 lbs iof dirt around.

Good thing I go to the gym. But I think Ibuprofen is in my future.

Stay tuned!


The Ordinary Woman said...

It could have been worse. She might have asked you to work manure into the soil. And yes, Ibuprofen is the friend of those over 50.

WFW said...

Ah, but the organic vegetable soil I added was a mixture of dirt and manure. Big shiny balls of it. Yum!

Lawrence said...

My wife and I just had exactly the same issue. I like the old dirt but don't you know.