28 May 2011

Cleaning Out

Dear Reader,

I am in one of my occasional fits of orderliness, when I can no longer stand the clutter I have created. Most of what crowds me is paper. I am awash in books and magazines that are years old and overdue for a read.

Anyway, I have begun to chew my way down through a collection of NYTimes Sunday magazines, which are as rich as the Atlantic but mercifully thinner. I take one or two to the gym in the morning, and digest them while walking faux miles on the elliptical trainer (to preserve my knees and ankles). As I have read, a few things came up worth keeping. But sometimes I find something worth sharing.

Like essays from the "Lives" page which is always inside the back cover. "My New Kentucky Baby" from last week's issue. You gotta read it.

Also this one, called "Hank's Road."

How about this one called "Jumbo Buffet?"

Finally a quirky one called, "Bunch Muncherasi MD"

I cannot tell if these are flowers or weeds, but they sure got my attention.

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