13 April 2011

Sunny Outside, Gloomy Inside

Dear Reader

I am home sick today, which is quite rare. Thought it was not enough sleep at first, but as soon as I started walking the malaise of real illness rose up like a swell on a dark ocean. After dringing some fluids and thoughtfully measuring my state of being, I slowly returned up the stairs and now sit in the bed, computer on lap. Even with my glasses the world looks fuzzy. The keyboard is unusually hard and makes a nasty racket.

This has happened before, feeling fine in the evening and lousy in the morning. Most memorably was ten years ago in Geneva Switzerland. I awoke feeling awful like this. Two years before that in Salt Lake City it happened for the first time and I chalked it up to delayed altitude sickness. But Geneva is not that high. And West Michigan is not known for its alpine meadows either.

I am hoping that like those times and a few others in between, it will subside in a few hours. But this leaves me wondering what it is that can affect me so thoroughly without warning, and then vanish for years. Is there some little cabal of germs in my body somewhere, rubbing their sneaky hands, waiting for a time to pounce?

What I know of medicine and such tells me yes. We all have nasty germs in us all the time. That famous immune system is what keeps them from taking over. Still, this recurrent illness – a day or less of misery every 2 to 4 years – strikes me as odd. We are curious creatures, though. It may seem that our minds and emotions are the most curious part, until something unconscious and mysterious comes along to remind us that oddity is not a human thing. It is a living thing.

The brain overheats faster when sick, and I have two reports that must be written whether I am well or not, so this will have to be enough.

Be well, friends, and if not then try and ponder your oddity. I am. When I am not snoozing.

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