13 March 2011

Yes Ruth, There is a Blogger

Dear Readers,

I have been a poor correspondent of late because I have been on the road. Every year I attend a small meeting of clergy in Southern California at the end of February, which is a welcome thing to those mired in Great Lakes winter. In past years I added time to see the mountains and valleys and other natural sights of the area. Both are very restorative. Once before I preached at a local church and visited with friends in the area. This year I combined them all in a long trip with my splendid spouse, which began on February 20th and ended March 11.

I could tell you about the experience of driving 5500 miles in 18 days, or about the impact of visiting friends and relatives who knew us when we were young, or the struggles of an urban multicultural church in LA, or the history of spiritual practices among the Unitarians, or the psychosocial implications of Las Vegas, or the pleasures of sleep deprivation having experienced five time zones in six days, but right now I have to get back to my day job, which is a great job.

Hang in there friends. I'll be back soon.


Ruth Bruns said...

Bless your heart! Thanks for checking in, and may this be the only time I see my name in a headline.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well. I was beginning to worry about you! Give your sweet wife my best.

Cathy J