12 February 2011

While I Was Out

Dear Reader,

What can I say? A lot has been going on of late. But you knew that.

First there was meeting and greeting a new senior staffer at my church, which was great but also took some brain time. Even helped him move in to his temporary digs. Coming from the south, winter is somewhat exotic for him.

Then there was the local blizzard, on Ground Hog Day no less. We all had a snow day that week, which only means we have double the work for the rest of the week. I did a lot of shoveling the next day, four hours in fact. But I did not go to the gym so it was OK with me. By my rough calculations I moved about 5000 lb of snow overall.

In the middle of all this Tunisia and Egypt happened.

As I write this, Egypt is in its first full day without Mubarak. I found this comment by Zaid Hassan useful and intriguing. I also remember learning about revolutions in school, particularly the theories of Crane Brinton. It is an old theory now, but it has some chastening insight.

I expect we shall not see another intifadah for a little while, but the possibility is there, and even as it opens the hope of genuine popular and democratic change it also includes the chance those with ideological agendas and strong organizations will rush to fill the vacuum. No wonder Israel is nervous. You can get a whiff of that from this article in the Israeli newspaper Ha-Aretz (the Land)

I would love to chat a little about other things, but even now my time is brief. It snowed again last night and the sidewalk is calling to me. Then there are the household chores, tomorrow's service and sermon (on prophets and prophecy in liberal religion, with a focus on Muhammed) the next newsletter, the NFP I chair is holding a a major meeting next week, and so on.

Sunlight is falling on our heaps of snow. The sound of the shovel is calling. Gotta run.

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PoetNessa said...

Hi Fred, hey with all of your historical philosophical background, can you advise me about whether there has been a successful and moral governmental system in the history of mankind? Maybe we could learn from some of the best of the attempts...

Who do you think is the smartest politician out there right now (not smart as in the greediest, wealthiest, etc., but someone actually making a good difference in the world)?

Are there some religious liberals who might fit this bill?

Thanks for your deep thoughts...