13 February 2011

Before I Forget

Dear Reader,

I forgot to mention a little demonstration of my own, a merry one with a point. Tomorrow being Valentine's Day, it will be two years three clergy colleagues and I (along with assorted non clergy friends) have done a monthly walk in our government plaza for gay marriage. We started on Valentine's Day in 2009. I think of it as the drip drip drip that eventually wears away the stone.

Anyway, the storm fell on our usual date, so we are moving it to Valentine's Day, which is tomorrow as I write this. This just happens to be the same day my colleague Unitarian Universalists are coordinating their "Standing One The Side of Love" movement.

For those in my area, come on down at noon. We'll be there with some signs, a lot of those cute little candy hearts and chocolate kisses to hand out, making this a romantic reminder that lots of people would love to get married but can't. We'll be there about an hour.

Gay or not, married or not, if you think marriage is for sharing join us. You can even sneak a couple of candies for yourself if you like.

Pink purple and lavender are ideas colors to wear of course, but I'd love to see all sorts of people in all sorts of colors and shapes smiling and hugging and kissing and all that Valentine stuff.

Come on, you know you want to. How many protests come with candy and kisses, anyway?


Robin Edgar said...

"How many protests come with candy and kisses, anyway?"

Don't go giving The Emerson Avenger ideas Fred. ;-)

WVC = waksin

Perhaps as in whack sin. . .

Robin Edgar said...

How many 'National Standing On The Side Of Love Day' protests came with someone standing to the side of a Robert Indiana 'LOVE' sculpture Fred. :-)

Ruth Bruns said...

I hope nothing truly gruesome has kept you from posting.
Please know your thoughts are missed.