20 January 2011

Something Completely Different

Dear Reader,

We are finally in the true heart of winter here, even if it took us a full month to get here. By 'the true heart' I mean cold and cloudy and snowy. Boy am I glad to have one of those 'happy lights,' which seems to help, actually. Of course, it could also mean I will go postal slower or when I do go critical it will be with a smile in my heart.

But even with the ice and snow and cold and clouds it was a good day today. This proto-geezer (someone circling the 60 drain) will be 58 in two weeks, but visited his youth for a few moments today, 'and it was good.'

I benched 225, two sets of two reps. And that last one was all adrenaline because if I didn't press it, it would press me.

If you have not felt an adrenaline push it is awesome. I do not say 'awesome' ever, so take note. People sometimes talk about digging down under duress. Well, I had to or else, and muscled the bar up only after feeling a moment of near terror. The terror part was not awesome.

I've been lifting weights pretty steady for half my life. Back in the early 1990s I was not yet 40 and lived in Austin TX, I reached my peak. About a mile from church was the Hyde Park Gym. It's almost genteel now, but back then it was all about the iron - full of bulging men and women. And almost puritanical. No music, no food, no water bottles. Put the plates back where they belong or Iron Mike would pitch you out.

I was also about twenty five pounds heavier, and not in a good way. But you need to know that because back then I managed to work up to a bench of 275 and a squat of 375. Not big in serious gym circles but not bad in the church biz.

Not since 1993 have I been able to hit 225 again. Two hundred twenty five pounds is the dividing line between lame lifting and real lifting, see. You know a lifter is good when they can slap on two 45 pound plates on each side of the bar and squeeze out a serious set of six or more.

I only got four, and those with rest. I am also twenty pounds lighter and almost twenty years older. That means I am unlikely to get above 225. But I made it, and for this geezerly vegetarian guy it was great. Boo yah!

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Elisa (Nudelman) Winter said...

My STARS! I am seriously impressed and inspired.