22 January 2011


Dear Reader,

After a few days with clouds, the sky is about to show itself. But at a cost. The temps dropped to about 6F this morning. Until a minute ago it was snowing. For the first time this winter the spider web of frost edged up one my storm windows. The sun is shining, though. Blue is above me.

I did not go to synagogue this morning, when the temps were low and the snow was blowing. Have not gone since New Year's, which is a sin. Do I get half credit for watching a rerun of Fiddler on the Roof this morning?

In fact, I sinner abundantly by going into my basement to do some cleaning up (work being the worst sin you see). Yesterday a steam pipe sprang a leak and showered a half dozen storage boxes with water and creating a substantial puddle on the floor. We called the repairmen, moved lots of boxes, and i got out the shop vac.

Yes, it was bad luck. We've had a fair amount of it, as I reflected back. Tree demolished my back porch my first year. Car got totaled last year. Had a burglary this year. So much for the boring Midwest.

Anyway, all those events were not nearly as bad as they could have been. The tree fell so slowly that it did far less damage than it could. The car was only totaled because it was so old. And we have done just fine with only one car since. The police caught the burglar and recovered most of the stuff.

Yesterday, had I not gone into the basement for another reason we would not have seen the leak. It had only started that morning. Most Fridays I am doing a live radio show, but this week we were taking a week off so I was home.

To say I am grateful is inaccurate. Relief is the word. Now, let's see what Sunday has in store.

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