24 January 2011

Just A Thought

Dear Reader,

Back to the snow and clouds today. Yesterday was very sunny and cold. Below zero before dawn, and only in the teens during the day. That's our choice here in winter: 20s and snow or teens and sun. The biggest problem with really low temps is very dry air and my fingers are cracking. Unless I dangle them in moisturizer while I sleep they seem doomed to opening those fun little sores along the cuticle so that when I type or play the piano I make more mistakes and say ouch a lot. Bummer.

Got a full schedule today, but just had a thought worth sharing. You might think so too.

Senators in Congress have said they will demonstrate their commitment to comradeship by sitting 'ebony and ivory' as it were, Democrat alongside Republican. I know it's a small gesture and of little real value. But even so, I think it does not go far enough.

Sit as states. Have all the reps and senators from a state sit together, and then have each of them sit in alphabetical order. That would really make all those choreographed ovations and silences hard to pull off.

Our Tea Party leaders have said that we should reduce the emphasis on the national government and turn more to the states. The constitution was adopted by the states not the people. If presidential elections do not give a majority to a candidate it is thrown into the House, which votes as states not as individual members. And we all know that the effects of national legislation fall very unevenly and unfairly on the states.

The State of the Union is called that because we are a union of states. Seems to me obvious, even 'self-evident.'

I'm going to wrote me senators and rep today. You could too.

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