02 January 2011

Faulkner Was Right

Here we are at the beginning of 2011, which is the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War. Already South Carolina has celebrated its secession, newly refurbished by the current Tea Party movement which tells us was then and is now all about freedom in the form state's rights and opposing federal oppression. Slavery was just a footnote.

Proving to me that the eloquent southern writer William Faulker was right when he supposedly wrote, "The past is never dead, it's not even past." After 150 years we are where we were in 1860, divided over race and rights.

I used to wonder how people in Northern Ireland can fight over battles fought four hundred years ago, but now I see that we too, here in the land of second chances, can be as captive to our past as anyone else.

Thank goodness for Paul Robeson , though. Ran into him this morning in a showing of "Show Boat," the Kern and Hammerstein show that gave us a song that reminds us of our human foibles and folly. Wisdom at least consoles us that our follies are as reliable as the mighty Mississippi.


Joel Monka said...

"...newly refurbished by the current Tea Party movement which tells us..." This goes a step beyond what the article you linked to says; that author merely notes that the sesquicentennial coincides with the rise of the tea party movement. The author provides no evidence of any link between the Tea Party and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, he merely implies a link he then fails to demonstrate- and then you actually put the words of the SOCV into the mouths of the Tea Party. Do you have evidence the author of that article does not, or are you merely assuming that since all opposition to the administration is rooted in racism, the Tea Party would just naturally support slavery?

WFW said...

Let's just say that there is more than little overlap. While many Tea Party folk are not consciously trying to recreate the Conferacy, there are some who think this truly is the next chapter in restoring 'the lost cause.' As the TP is consciously not organized it is also not self policing, and as good as that is, the situation is ripe for those who are organized to exercise more influence. Check out two other comments, and their hyperlinks, to see how this is not small to be merely accidental or coincidental.