16 October 2010

The Real Enemy

Yes, the walls will come tumbling down come Election Day. The plaster and cardboard promise of the Obama administration has melted in the relentless rain or realism and republicanism.

So the angry right is telling us.

Over and over.

In commercials that will not stop.

There is no doubt that we truly do have the best country that money can buy. And yes that is a deeply sardonic and ironic sentence.

Yet it would not be possible without the lofty left as well, who "look down in high disdain" as a hymn I know says. By huffing and puffing about weakness and compromise, they have added their own sapper's effect to the conservative battering ram.

We have a perfect, if entirely understandable, example of how The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good. I am not a Rolling Stone reader, but a FB friend (shout out to Marie!) posted this link to a new article there. I commend it to you and urge you share it with others.

We seem to live in a political age where there are only two possibilities - perfection or damnation. It's as if every football play has to be a "hail mary" for the end zone and if it fails you condemn them for cowardice or failure.

Politics is a series of short runs and screen passes. (Yes, I did see the MSU game. GO GREEN!) And this president has been doing just that for two years. And most of the points have been field goals not touchdowns. Sure it would be great to see a big play. But you win on points not plays.

This president is winning. I for one will keep cheering.


ms. kitty said...

From the first line of your post, W. Frederick, I thought this would be another disappointed lefty rant. Thank goodness it's not. I have to say that the lofty lefties are just as rancorous as the tighty righties. Thanks for a good (not perfect, but good) post!

The moderation word is "ruleon".

Bill Baar said...

The Tea Parties, and there are many of them, rejuvenate the GOP with Libertarian ideas rooted in the same American heritage as Unitarianism and Universalism. And their truely a grassroots, bottom up, movement, with no single leader. It's an exciting time in American politics. An old stodgy Political leadership will be cast aside, and something new will be born. Let the past nurture you as the Tea Partiers do; do let yourself get stuck in it.