23 October 2010


Life has been quite busy lately, which means I have had no time to write a decent post. What makes this worse is that there have been lots of things to write about. Instead of whining about it I'll just point you to the stuff that makes me think and let you do it on your own.

1. Halloween has my corner of Michigan in a tizzy because it falls on a Sunday. The pious, of which we have many, find it irreligious. You can read about it if you like. To me, this is straining at gnats. Halloween has lost 99 and 44/100 of its pagan meaning to 99 and 44/100 of the people. There is as much paganism in Christmas, with its trees and elves and flying sleighs, but these same folks do not ask us to do Santa on another day. Actually, that makes more sense. St. Nicholas' Day is December 6, but obviously that won't do because it would leave only two shopping weeks. God is good, but gold is better.

2. A major reason people seek a religious community is that they have kids and suddenly they are asking about God and stuff. Bruce Feiler writes about this in a recent NYTimes essay. Read it. Oddly, these conversations were quite rare in our house, and maybe just maybe, that was because religious life in our house was not unusual. Religion was part of their life from the outset, and Sunday worship was what we all did. When they did have questions it came from within their experience not outside it. So when parents ask me when to start bringing kids to church I say ours came at one week. Make it part of your family life, like eating dinner together and about as informal as well, and the whole issue becomes a lot easier.

3. For those stewing about income inequity, like me, it is helpful to get decent information. Lucky for me, and therefore you, there was this article written by Paul Sullivan. Read that too. The whole question, including the dreaded notion of "income redistribution" takes on a new aspect when you do.

4. Finally, an obituary caught my eye this week, so unusual and so intriguing, I just had to share it with you. Eric Joisel was a master origamist, whose paper sculptures are to paper cranes as Picasso is to coloring books. Read and sigh.

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Revwilly said...

Fred, don't look down your nose at the "pious" for what they may or may not believe, it's not helpful and only creates bad feelings.