09 September 2010

When Ignorance is Just

This morning the folks an CNN were talking about how awful it was that the media were giving so much attention to pastor Jones and his 'bonfire of depravity.'

You heard me right, they were reporting on how too many people were reporting on it.

Years and years ago, when we all had flowers in our hair and stuff, a popular anti-war phrase was "What if they gave a war, and nobody came?" Well, what if Jones gave a Koran burning and nobody came? What if the media just did not pay attention.

I know, the horse has left that barn, but the event is still to come and thus they can choose not to. Better, they can all agree not to. And I am sure local leaders and clergy would be delighted to set up a cordon at some distance that would prevent any media from observing it.

It could happen. The media could decide their role as public tribune trumped their role as private business. They could agree that sometimes their attention is oxygen that feeds the flames.

They could, they really could.

But they won't.

1 comment:

Revwilly said...

Fred, I was thinking the very same thing today. The media is as nutty as the pastor. The sad thing is that they can't see it.