14 August 2010

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Just got home last night and am still cleaning up from travels. Weeded a bunch, picked some no-kidding good looking tomatoes, repaired my porch door, cleaned up my basement a little, read the newspaper, and rejoiced in my president's principled remarks about the (erroneously described) 'mosque at Ground Zero.'

Not only is it not "at" the site, but several blocks away, it is not a mosque but a community center, like the JCC or the YMCA. And for those who do not know, or choose not to remember, the dead whom this center will dishonor included Muslims, in fact a bunch of them. In my case, one of those I buried from the catastrophe was a non religious man who was married to a Muslim. The recitation of Al Fatihah, the 'lord's prayer' of Islam was never more moving than that day.

So I am deeply proud of my president for standing up for American values and not political points, unlike Long Island Representative Peter King (R) who said the president was giving in to 'political correctness. I am constantly dumbfounded that those on the right accuse the left of being something they are themselves. What is more 'politically correct' right now than mosque bashing.

I found a good article on the rise of Islamophobia by a religion prof at Reed College. You can read it here, on Religion Dispatches. (One of my newest go-to sites.)

Now, I have to go and find a particular screw (now be nice!) to finish the repair my back door. Gut Shabbes and Ramadan Kerim!

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Ruth Bruns said...

My sort-of-local newspaper, the Portland Oregonian, featured this article in Sunday's Opinion section. Yes, it is indeed good stuff.