01 July 2010

O Canada!

Merry, happy, joyous, Canada Day readers.

Despite ten generations of American heritage, my heart is up north today in the nation that somehow manages to have freedom and national health care, low crime and high guns, English and French, democracy and decency.

Over the years I have been there many times, and even sent my son to college there. Few cities are so pleasant and moving as Ottawa, with its parliament buildings perched on bluffs above a great river, a canal that cuts through town, gardens without end and plenty of good beer and hockey as well. Best yet, across the river in Hull is a world class museum and casino. What's not to love?

This particular Canada Day HM ER II is in town and all the flourishes of pageantry that follow her. They may not be as big as we, but by God they know how to put on a show. For those who want a taste, drop by CTV Ottawa and watch the videos.

How about those RCMPs trotting on matched mounts with lances skyward and HM riding in a horse drawn landau. No wonder they had an empire!

I love my country to be sure, but sometimes I think we would be a better country if we were more like our northern neighbors. And if the price is a little atavistic monarchism, then I say, Here Here!

"God save our glorious Queen." says the song, though I think she needs saving less than we do right now.


Ruth Bruns said...

O Fred, I love your work and I'm a compulsive editor ...
"Here, Here" is often seen nowadays, but it's actually "Hear, Hear."
I'm pretty sure the phrase has been used practically forever in Britain's Parliament to indicate approval of what a speaker is saying (and in other similar settings in the UK).

WFW said...

O dread homophony, cunning wand
in Circe's silken hand. Who with
beguiling shape doth memory
confound, and make of men mere swine,
begone. Forswear it's easy charms
and cleave to wisdom's firmer good.
Praise she who shed its light upon
this hurried brow and chastened it
with reason's steady hand. All honor
fall upon her face, as sunlight
on a summer evening, waxing gold.