24 July 2010

How Legal Are You?

Here's a Switch, but as old proverb does say, "Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows." Evangelicals are lining up with our (foreign, Muslim, read "too black" to be one of us) president on immigration. Yep, it's true. You can read about in the (secular, liberal biased, and therefore unfair and unbalanced) New York Times.

In some ways, the flap over Arizona and 'illegal immigrants' has revealed the pulsing xenophonic heart of the Tea Party movement, which raises real issues but is partly propelled by fear that borders on paranoia. That its constituents are whiter, older, male'er than the rest of the population not only belies its claim to be the voice of the people but shows the driving fear of us older white male'er folks (yes, I fit that demographic) that we are being 'overrun' by 'outsiders,' meaning darker, younger, female'er folks. I could also include straight and middle class but that would make my post too long and messy.

(Is it purely accidental, btw, that the anger about illegal immigrants comes so close on the heels of the 'birther' movement that insists the president is himself illegal?)

So yay for Arizona for showing us how some big hearted Americans can also be small minded at the same time. And yay for the NAACP for calling the Tea Party on its closeted racism. And yay for Mr. Breitbart for being journalistic scum and proud of it. You go guys, and eventually the nausea and disgust will more than offset the momentary if actual appeal of the so called Tea Party.

This also means that those of us who are OK with a less white, less male, less straight America can also be Christians, and how cool is that? St. Paul said that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female. That's what I call a Christian America. So as far as I can tell the Tea Party is both unamerican and unchristian.

If you think there is something wrong about all this, meaning the growing demonization of 'illegal immigrants' I invite you to drop in on "Wear Your Papers," on Facebook. July 29th is when the Arizona law goes into effect. This virtual event asks people to wear inverted blue triangles that day, which was what the German Reich required of alien workers.

But if you choose not to do that, I invite you to carry your passport that day, which is the gold standard of legality. What, you don't have a passport? We 'naturals' are allowed to go around with them. Even legal aliens have to carry their papers even now. But why should people believe you are a natural born citizen?

Nine states are considering Arizona like laws. Say you get pulled over for speeding. They could ask for your papers. A driver's license is not good enough. Passports are the standard. As Karl Malden used to say, "What will you do?" How will you prove your legitimacy if asked?

Of course, you won't be stopped. You don't look illegal, right? For now, that is.

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