03 July 2010

Behind the Times

I love my NYTimes so much that I cannot read them as fast as they come. Yet I fear missing something if I discontinue it. That's why there is a stack if Sunday Magazines behind my rocker.

(Yes, I sit in a rocker, a goose neck rocker inherited from my mother-in-law that needs repairing and reupholstering.)

While I was away at a conference I took some Sunday Magazines with me. While some articles are time urgent, most are not and thus just as pertinent month or two later. Especially the back page, a short essay of about 1000 words written by unknowns or well knowns on something off the beaten path. I love them.

Because I am behind, the one that got my attention today was a back page essay by Betty Fussell on March 28, 2010. It is so right in tone and form that I'll let you read it rather than me tell about it. It's called "Earning Her Food." Please read it and enjoy.

Readers, I would bookmark the Magazine in your browser if you don't subscribe to the atavistic paper edition like me. It's what "Salon" wants to be when it grows up.

(And you can even print out crosswords!)

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