08 June 2010

A Story On A Sidewalk

So, I was walking to the gym today. This is something I most every week day, and it takes me along a stretch of street that is frequented by those who live on the street. You see, the clearest liquor store (and cheapest grocery) is nearby.

As a result, there is always some trash about. Nothing horrid, just not the tidiness nice people prefer which is partly why there are so few pedestrians around here. Maybe it's the other way around, that is, because there are so few nice pedestrians those who litter have no constraints.

Anyway, I am walking down the street this morning and see a beer can. Not unusual.

A few feet further on I see a pudding cup wrapper and discarded container. Also not unusual.

A few feet further on a condom wrapper. Unusual.

Finally, a few feet even further on, the torn label off a box of Plan B - the OTC morning after pill.

A story in four objects, maybe. A whole relationship, perhaps.

Whitman says letters from God fall in the street every day. Perhaps God is not the only one writing....


PoetNessa said...

Oh and since I find God in every person, I think that those letters falling on the street/sidewalk could indeed be god writing... imho

Will Clegg said...

Did you pick up the litter?