12 June 2010

New Look

Yes, it's time. In these fast paced visually electric times static is dead. It has been months, and Blogger has a new tool that non geeks can use easily.

But speaking of fast paced, I was up early this morning and stopped by MTV for a while. Not being a rock/rap/R&B/pop/whatever fan, I do this to get a taste of what is happening in the wider culture. Sometimes I flip back to vintage music videos which MTV also runs on cable.

That's when I noticed something. No image in a current music video lasts even a second. Three to five a second is normal. That's almost a strobe. The music can be quite slow, as rap often is when it comes to the beat, but the video is rapid cut. As little as a decade ago there were seconds long takes, almost lazy by comparison.

If this were just happening in music it would be curious. Watch something else quite carefully sometime, though. Turn down the sound. The editing is much faster now, especially in commercials. Toggle between old movies and new ones, old shows and new ones.

Does this mean anything? Not sure, but if we wonder why young folks text/talk/watch/drive and so on simultaneously maybe it's because the world they see tells them to chop themselves into a dozen pieces. And then, when they come to church now and then, no wonder they're bored.

If you're reading this you are likely older than 40 and wondering how you fell behind the culture curve. Perhaps you are feeling the first twinges of curmudgeonness when what you call spiritual is called dull, what you find dignified someone else finds gloomy.

If you're under forty and reading this, boy am I flattered. I still use paragraphs and write long essays which are anathema to the twittery instantaneous world of the Internet. Nary a video or a hash tag in sight either. Tell me what I'm doing right! Believe me I have no idea what it is.

What I do know is that all this is nothing new really. Cult and culture have been wrestling since an old shaman shook a rattle at the sky and a youngster yawned and rolled her prehistoric eyes. Cold comfort I know, but you gotta take what you can get.

I meant to write about health care, but this sort of happened along the way. Maybe in a day or two.


PoetNessa said...

I have to say that I am fond of wandering... Good for you, Fred! And sorry that we couldn't be in church today or there for the picnic -- had family over from out of town... Hoping for next week now.

jlb said...

I am under 40 and read regularly. I find the posts to be a well thought out and often though provoking of which i don't get enough of in the constant bustle of my life and child rearing. And a a result of the non-stop lifestyle I don't make it to your sermons (or church at all for that matter) all that often, so I like this. Thanks!