17 June 2010

Cleaning the Basement

After three years of saying it, I am doing it. yes, I am cleaning the basement. That means throwing things out. And that means admitting defeat.

For years I kept issues of journals and magazines with pithy articles that I would reread and then lard into sermons of uncommon pith themselves. How I admired those adroit academic preachers who could cite scripture, Chomsky, Dillard and make it all both engaging and erudite. So I kept them, and dragged them, house to house and church to church.

This spring, facing regular puddles from a less than watertight basement, I confessed my twin sins of pride and sloth and pitched the lot. Well, a lot of the lot. There was the relief of confessions in doing it, the more bearable lightness of being free from shame.

Sharing this is to encourage you to do the same. Relinquishment is intoxicating stuff. Sort of walking around naked which ends the question of how to dress, but without the embarrassment of showing moles and wrinkles. Already I am looking at what can go next.

Well, one thing is the Sunday Business section from the Times of June 6. I saved it to share a series of 'metrics' about health care in the US. Part of me wants to keep it for a future sermon or something, but honestly I know I won't use it soon enough. You read it. You share it. I can now recycle it.

Free, free, free at last!!

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