12 May 2010

Yes, It's Bizarre

But I have bizarre ideas. Always have.

Like licensing gun users not guns. I'll explain that sometime.

Or going on the cocaine standard, like we used to be on the gold standard. Ask me about that, too.

Today, it's education and the bizarre idea of the day is....

Pay students to go to school.

I know; they should do it because its good for them and all. It sends all the wrong messages. It teaches kids only to work for money. Yadda yadda.


Kids are not noble. They may be good, but their moral reasoning is not mature. Doing something because it's good for you is asking a child to be a saint. Met any five year old saints lately? I didn't think so.

Research tells us that doing something for a higher cause does not kick in until the early twenties. Why expect 6 year olds to be more sophisticated than young adults?

Paying cheapens the purpose? We pay teachers? We pay soldiers? They are doing it for both love and money, so why not kids?

Think about it. What if we paid kids, say, $200 a year from first through 4th grade. They would have to pass to get it. And if you miss too many days you would get docked just like a worker.

Give them a raise and pay them $500 from fifth through eighth grade. That's how you keep good workers, right, with promotions and raises. And then raise it again to $750 from 9th through 12th grade.

By the end of high school they would have $3100, which is not much, but let's say that when you graduated the government would double it and they could use it to go to college or tech school. Kids would literally work their way to college.

Money is the measure of time and labor in our society. We say education is supposed to prepare our kids to work in the new global economy. What would build work habits better than actually working?

Yes it would cost money. But what is the 'cost' of the tuition tax credit now? Why not educate our kids about the value of work by valuing their work from the get go? I could go on, but instead, tell me what you think?

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