09 May 2010

Wait One Minute

Before you take mom out for supper. Not that she doesn't deserve it. But pause to think about food itself.

In the last few years food has become news. Thanks mostly to Michael Pollan, whose book "The Omnivore's Dilemma" has even become the stuff of women's book clubs, we are in the midst of a conversation about food itself.

Of course he was the one to catch the curl of a wave that had been building for a while. Frankenfood and e. coli outbreaks are old now. "Law and Order" included a character (demented but brilliant) who championed being a locavore over two years ago. Cable TV has a whole series on Canadians trying to live on the "100 Mile Diet." If industrial food is bad, the industry of damning industrial food is growing like a weed.

All I ask is that when you go out to a restaurant today, marveling at the generous portions and the reasonable prices, think about all the moms who got it to your table, starting with the women in fields and ending with the woman carrying the tray to your table. Be grateful for all the moms who feed you. (That includes mom nature, don't forget.)

And starting tomorrow, ask how you might eat in a way that bends a few less backs of women around the world. You don't have to change everything, but most of us can do something. And a lot of small somethings add up.

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