13 February 2010

Did You Hear?

I am running for Congress.

Our representative is retiring and that's always the best time to get in the mix. As both major parties have candidates lining up for the nod, I will have to run as an, ahem, 'independent liberal.' Sort of like Bernie Sanders.

That makes some sense actually. He went to a remote rural place from New York City. I did the same. He is an out and out socialist. I am not far from that. But of course, my chances are nil.

No organization, no name recognition, no clout of any kind. And around here being liberal is like having leprosy, the sort of thing that makes people flee. My only lever is the media, being on the radio that is. That worked for the Tea Party guy and the Glenn Beck right?

In all honesty, unless a ground swell (not an ant hill) rises up to collect all the signatures, mine will be a mock candidacy. With no party behind me and no name on the ballot and no organization to mobilize, it is impossible.

So why say I am running?

Because it occurred to me that if politicians are real candidates with mock principles, maybe we need a mock candidate with real principles.

Get it? I will act like a candidate, but with no expectation of winning. That means I can say what I really believe and what I really hope and what I really mean because trying to win votes is not the point. I can be honest. That's my strength.

And I do have principles, good ones. My platform is one sentence. You already know it, "We the people, in order to form a more perfect union...' That's it. And you can read what I mean by that in my little virtual book, "Searching the Soul of a Nation," which is hyperlinked on the left side of this blog.

But if you don't have time, or you think this Twitter infested culture of ours means that more than ten words is too hard for people to take in, I have a slogan that sums it up. You know that one, too. Every kid in America knows it, in fact.

Liberty and Justice for All.

There's no chance of winning the election, of course. Who would ever vote for stuff like that?


Cathy said...

Wish I could vote for you....and I would. Instead, I'll have to be a mock Michigan constituent instead of a real, frustrated Texas constituent.


jlb said...

Good luck? It would certainly be refreshing to hear some honesty amongst the pandering....