20 January 2010

I Knew Something Once

Long ago in a galaxy far away there were PCs and Macs and each were small and boring. My first machine, a Leading Edge 8088 clone was a big step up from the castoff PDP8 my church got from now defunct DEC in Massachusetts. Anyone out there remember the PDP8?

Anyway, for a while I could keep up, and mastered 1200 baud modems and Procomm and batch files and even some estoric config.sys commands. Then along came the 8028, the 8038 and the Pentium, with their larger hard drives and page files and swap files and I was lost. Never caught up.

Now it's the internet that is outracing me. I got the blogging thing done, obviously. And Facebook too. But somehow my RSS feed is not working, I think, and I have no idea how to fix it because when I press the 'feeds' button on my browser it cannot recognize whatever is there. Cross posting and linking and all that fun stuff takes me way too long. So I write really long posts which are really not the way it is done. Also obvious I know.

I want to talk about Avatar only because it is the most one dimensional movie I ever saw, even in 3d. I want to talk about the MA senate race and outcome. But right now, Internet 2.0 is making me feel like a dolt.

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