12 December 2009

I Had An Idea

Then the snow came. Big snow, the second in as many weeks. This one lasted two days. All in all about 8 inches, not including the sleet and the slush that started it.

Today is sunny, and for the first time my brain isn't snow bound either. How intriguing, that the mind can be so affected by things out there. At least mine is. All of which is to explain why I have not written for a week, and how even when I have an idea to share it vanishes quickly in the flaky landscape.

One thing I have done is write, finishing (almost!) a manuscript I have been writing for the last 2 years. No you can't see it. Too raw, too personal, too unruly. But a few wise friends who have previewed parts will give me feedback. From what I understand, writing is easy; editing is hard. If so, then I may not live long enough.

This means that my mind has been on that project and not on the continuing saga of health care legislation, the president's trip to Oslo, the Pakistan 5, and certainly not Tiger Woods. On this latter matter I saw that virtually every major network - broadcast and cable - was talking Tiger last night. I ended up watching the Food Channel.

What I can give you are some juicy hyperlinks to articles I have caught of late. Check these out.

- Carl Jung's Red Book has been published. He kept it secret because it was too weird to share. Take a peek.

- I have known several people who had 'essential tremor,' which until now has had little understanding. There's news.

- And sometimes I really wish I were in the big city, in this case to see a peculiar and powerful one man play called "The Last Cargo Cult."

That should turn your head around a little, like mine often is. And for those who want to focus on the yuletide hoopla, there's lots of stuff at my church website. Check it out.

Now, back to my sermon and my delectably close to complete manuscript

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