13 December 2009

Ho Ho No

As Grinch-in-chief, being merry is never high on my list even though I read the eponymous book aloud in church this morning (with my black Santa cap on) to robust applause. No, my lack ho-ho-ho-ness is more immediate. The chimerical senator from Connecticut, Joseph Lieberman has announced he will vote against the Senate Health Care Reform Bill. Read more.

Tomorrow my gall will be more settled, and my spleen, but these items are less likely to be in good health if the senator has his way. I truly hope this is a matter of principle for him, myopic as those principles seem to me, because if he is doing this to leverage his influence or win favor from the minority or because he simply cannot vote against the moneyed interests and keep his job then several poxes be upon him.

And may they be judged previous conditions as well.

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