15 November 2009

So Proud!

I can hardly contain myself this morning. A friend, the sort of friend you can not see for years and yet when you meet instantly be in each other's arms and hearts, has had a stirring success. Few things are more pleasant than that.

Sara Davis Buechner is a concert pianist, a prodigious talent recognized 25 years ago when she was David Buechner. Her transition from David to Sara just about killed her career and when someone wrote about her struggle in the NYTimes magazine ten years ago I saw the article and replied. The short reply was printed. And lo and behold she was in a pew the next week.

While we were both in NYC we met a few times, discovered common roots in Baltimore where we both grew up, albeit a few years apart (she is 6 years my junior). Then she moved to Vancouver and I to Michigan. Now and then we would send email.

Out of the blue she writes me an email two weeks ago, says she is doing an anniversary concert in NYC. It turns out she reads this raggedy rant from time to time. I am flattered, write her back. We come within hours of connecting but do not.

Anyway, I troll over to NYTimes.com this morning and there is an article and video about her comeback. What a pleasure. And you can enjoy it with me. Go, read, and watch the video too. It will make you happy, but not as happy as me!

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