16 September 2009

You Read It Here First!

I may not be a former president, but I beat Jimmy C this week. And you were there! Mareen Dowd looks better and writes cuter, but I was days ahead of her, too.

You realize what this means? Those who read me are ahead of the curve. Felt good, didn't it, to be the one who was there first. While they were all reacting wldly, you stood by nonchalantly. Cool only begins to describe it.

What prescient word will come next? Who knows. But Daily Kos, watch out. Matt Drudge, you de drudge. The prophet has arrived!

(Yes, I am being facetious. But after all this earnest stuff a little goofiness seemed in order. We'll be miserable again very soon.)


Joel Monka said...

This makes an interesting conundrum- what to call this talent? If they were dead, it would be necromancy, but they're still alive. Cartermancy? No, that sounds too much like someone who makes maps. Plains divination? Nah, that sounds like someone who does waterwitching in the prarie. I'll think of something, don't worry!


Revwilly said...

I just can't agree. What you, former president Carter & Dowd are saying is nothing more than a gratuitous assertion. Where is your evidence? Where are the hard facts? How can you know that you know? Yes, there is racism in our country, but making groundless assertions only confuses and clouds the real issue. I know no one's motives, no one's heart or mind. Of course you will find those who agree with you, but that does not make anyone right. I know you feel strongly about this, but again, where is the proof? One more question, how could I prove you are wrong?

WFW said...

Easy Will,

In this post I was only saying I raised the issue before everyone else.

Yes, I do think racism is in the mix, with which you disagree, but that was my last post. This one was just some pretend boasting about my prognosticating powers.

We have different notions of racism, I think. I learned mine from W.E.B. Debois, Cornel West, Henry Louis Gates, and others. One thing I learned from them all is that the oppressed are wiser about the nature of oppression than the privileged. As a fellow privilged white person I commend their thoughts to you and others.

Joel Monka said...

I just found an interview with a president who disagrees with President Carter, Maureen Dowd, and you: President Obama. http://www.breitbart.tv/not-the-overriding-issue-obama-downplays-racism-in-health-care-debate/


One danger in learning about racism from the people you mentioned is that they're talking about another country; the one they grew up in is not the one we are living in. Like the old saw about generals, they are fighting the last war.

WFW said...

Sorry Joel,

The president has nothing to gain and everything to lose by 'playing the race card' here. It would close the conversation and shut millions of ears.

And your notion that living men and women are fighting the last war sounds to me like you think racism is over, which i cannot support, and that those people are simply nursing old wounds. i am in no position to tell people of color or jews or women or gay folk that they are just too sensitive. the aroma of condescension hangs tooo close to that.

i truly do believe we have yet to comprehend the nature and character of racism in america. far from being post racial or post racist, we are seeing new ways to preserve it. if racism is anything like antisemitism which we all thought was over a century ago, then we run an even greater risk glossing it over than overemphasizing it.

we disagree here, friend. i am sorry.