17 September 2009

Writer Envy

This is so not pastoral, way not dignified, and downright reckless, but boy do I wish I had said it. Well, at least you can read it. It's from Tim Egan.

"I am not worthy!"


Revwilly said...

He left out anything about Barney Frank and Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, in the housing collapse.

WFW said...

if he said it all, the column would be a book. look at Ribert Reich's 'Supercapitalism' and another called 'Free Lunch,' whose author i do not remember. also, check out the series of op-eds by Barbara Ehrenreich in the NYTimes this summer.

of course the question is why we waited until now, after the damage was done? i wonder if it is somewhat like the way we fear black men more as potential criminals than white men, so we tend to see those 'like us' (however that is defined) as being our friends even when they are not, and those not 'like us' (again however that may be understood) as our enemies, even when they are not.

old fashioned xenophobia, but hidden and thus subtle.