22 September 2009

Moaning and Groaning

It got me.

I was feeling a little punky on Sunday, a little more on Monday, but last night I got whole and completely sick.

Yes, I did the zinc thing, but sometimes even that won't stop the viral juggernaut.

After a really restless night have forgone the gym, the most definite proof of my illness. Yesterday I went and actually felt better. Today I am so lousy just going downstairs is exercise.

One of the worst parts is that my presbyopia is worse, meaning my reading glasses are not adequate and my eyes hurt too, but we live in a go-go world where work must be done. So I shall try and do some work at home today. No slack in the system these days, you know.

Of course, I could make all this a parable of health care reform, but today I just too sick to be smart. I am stupid sick. Yes, that bad.

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